Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Diploma in Beauty Therapy
16 Jul 2017

Emphasis on beauty?

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blog1Naturally any young kid wants to imitate their parents, whether it’s a little boy playing with cars and motorbikes like dad, or a young girl copying mum doing her makeup.

For some, this is only a passing phase, but for others once they start playing around with brushes and lipstick, their initial fascination with make-up and beauty becomes more and turns into a real passion.

Like any wise person would say, beauty is on the inside!  But something I’ve always wondered is what’s wrong with making yourself feel beautiful on the outside?

In 2015 the beauty industry is sitting at an all-time peak of 60 billion dollars in revenue. That’s an increase of almost 30 billion dollars over the last 12 years (about 2.5 billion dollars a year) and by no means is it slowing down!

Considering the escalating growth in the industry, if you have a love of all things beauty and enjoy making other people feel special, you are crazy not to see where it could take you.

However, before you start work you are required to become a qualified beauty professional.  By studying a (SIB50110) Diploma in Beauty Therapyyour career opportunities are endless, from posting videos on YouTube in the comfort of your own home or running your own mobile beauty business, to working in an elite salon in the fine city of Paris.

By having this qualification under your belt you will have industry ready experience and the skills you need to make your chosen career a real success.

If you’re a people person and enjoy hands on work, why work at a dead end job you hate, when you could follow your passion and have a career you truly love.

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