Diploma in Interior Design?

Diploma in Interior Design?
16 Jun 2017

How do you match colours?

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Blue and Green should never be seen unless there’s something in between.

Is it a fact, or an old saying?

Allot would agree that this is true. But maybe it just takes someone with a little creative flare to put this to the test.

Not everyone has the ability to decorate a space or put together an outfit that is aesthetically pleasing.  In fact, it has been stated that the way in which our eyes process colour and shapes is an intricate science and can stir up a multitude of different emotions depending on the colour.

blog2For example the colour Blue is known as a calming colour, Green is soothing, Red- passion, and so on and so forth.

When you consider the aspects of decorating and using colour, it’s not just picking at random and placing objects where they fit.

Its trial and error, you need to examine different angles, play around with shapes and texture, make up colour combinations and include your personal touch.

If you enjoy décor and design work and have an eye for detail, why not study a (MSF50213) Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration?

This course focuses on the essential skills and knowledge needed for starting a career as a professional interior designer. You will acquire advanced creative and technical skills at an industry level standard, whilst using the latest software.

If this is something you would be interested in, ask yourself?

  • Am I someone who sees a small space not as a disadvantage but rather as an opportunity to express my creative flare?
  • Do I have an eye for detail?
  • Do I critique others interior choices and think about improvements that could be made?
  • Do I enjoy hands on work and controlling the outcome of a situation?

If you answered yes, to the majority of the questions above, a career in interior design is just for you.

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