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Skills Points Tested Work Visas

Skilled Points Tested Work Visas

Deciding to move to Australia on a permanent basis is a big decision financially, logistically and emotionally.

Whether you’re moving to Australia as an individual, as a couple or a family it is imperative that you have an understanding on what your visa options are in addition to the opportunities that are available for you in this country.

Having a registered migration agent will dilute a lot of unnecessary stress and worry when it comes to collating and submitting your visa application.

Many permanent visa applicants under-estimate how involved the application process is which is why even the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection recommends using a registered migration agent.

Permanent Visas can be granted through a number of different visa streams such as:

Skilled worker

Once you have successfully attained permanent residency into Australia, there will be a lot of options made available to you that you may not realise such as real estate, medical benefits and even the ability to become an Australian citizen.

If you are interested in moving to Australia permanently and need some advice and assistance, please contact one of our qualified migration agents whom can not only help you with the application but ensure your transition to Australia is an easy one.

Skilled Independent – Subclass 189 Visa

We recommend this points-based Australia work visa for skilled workers who do not fall under family, state or territory, or employer sponsored streams. Skilled workers may only apply through invitations.

To receive an invitation, a person must:

• present an Expression of Interest (EOI)
• have work that is included on the skilled occupation list
• undergo a thorough skills assessment for the occupation
• be no more than 50 years old during the date of invitation
• have a grasp of the English language and meet other language requirements
• have a score of no less than 60 on the points test

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Skilled Nominated – Subclass 190 Visa

We recommend this point-based visa for skilled workers with an endorsement or nomination from the State or Territory Government. Workers may only apply through invitations. Those who wish to get an invite should:

• lodge an Expression of Interest and be nominated by the State or Territory Government
• have an occupation included on the relevant skilled occupation list
• undergo a skills assessment for that occupation
• be no more than 50 years of age during the date of invite
• be proficient in the English language and should meet other language requirements
• have a score of no less than 60 on the points test

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